Zinke wrong on wild horse contraception

June 17, 2017 - Last week, in front of a congressional committee, Montana’s own Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke took on the wild horse problem. We agree with him that this is a very difficult issue. Different people see wild horses very differently — some see them as pets, some see them as livestock, and some see them as wildlife. And each group believes in a different answer to the problem.

But we still can agree on some facts, and recently someone gave Secretary Zinke some bad facts about wild horse contraception. Today, only two shots of the PZP contraceptive vaccine, spread out over three years, prevents a mare from foaling for four to five years, out of six. The total cost for both shots is less than $300. And the PZP vaccine is made right here at the Science and Conservation Center in Billings.

The PZP vaccine can save horses’ lives and protect the range. The BLM just needs the resources to make it happen.

Kimberly Frank


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