Horse groups fear return to slaughter under Trump budget

June 13, 2017 - Wild horse groups across the United States are concerned about language in President Trump's budget that could re-open the possibility of animals being removed from the range and shipped to foreign slaughter houses.

Organizations such Citizens Against Equine Slaughter makes the case that better, more humane solutions are available: Including more, not less, use of fertility control vaccine.

You can read the group's complete statement on the Trump budget here. This is the section on fertility control:

The BLM has consistently and questionably avoided any meaningful use of on-range contraception, which has been proven successful in managing wild horse herds in the eastern U.S. for decades (among other areas). BLM currently darts less than 1% of the wild horses with PZP, a safe form of birth control. To effectively attain desired population control that percentage needs to be approximately 25%. A fertility control vaccine will not be successful if not used in the appropriate number. The vaccine used today costs around $25/dose, is given only to reproductive age females via dart, and can be administered by volunteers. Considering that one dose is a near perfect equivalent of only five days upkeep for horses confined off-range, not pursuing this logical and sound fiscal management approach is indefensible. Even with repeated doses this approach remains more cost-effective than current practices, and clearly better conforms to the best interests of the widest American public. Further, it costs far less than the enormous costs of helicopter roundups and related labor, transportation and shipping, not to mention these almost always produce equine fatalities and/or mortal injuries, so are a significant waste of taxpayer funds altogether.

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