Four Paws - another group supports humane solutions for wild horses

Sept. 19, 2016 - FOUR PAWS INTERNATIONAL has joined the nearly 40 advocacy groups calling for increased use of fertility control vaccine as a way to reduce cruel and costly roundups of wild horses.

FOUR PAWS is using fertility control to protect and preserve wild horses in Romania and shared this background:

The Wild Horses of Letea

Successful birth control by FOUR PAWS International

About 500 wild horses live in the forest of Letea, a biosphere reserve and part of the UNESCO World Heritage in the Romanian Danube Delta. For the past few years, their increasing population has presented a growing problem for the vegetation. This increase lead to the decision of the Romanian authorities to reduce the number of animals by killing them. Upon learning of this decision, FOUR PAWS acted immediately. FOUR PAWS was able to stop the killings and instead develop an action plan for the Romanian wild horses. In less than one year after it started, the plan already showed success.

To reduce the horse population of Letea, FOUR PAWS has been operating a birth control program in which the mares receive the contraceptive vaccine PZP, which similar to other vaccinations, needs to be repeated annually, before each mating season. FOUR PAWS has vaccinated 200 mares and given boosters to 170 others.

In addition to the annual vaccinations, a FOUR PAWS team consisting of experienced veterinarians supervise the wild horses annually, monitoring the effects of the birth control project. Elderly and sick animals receive medical attention. All in all, FOUR PAWS is intensively committed to placing the wild horses of the Danube Delta under natural reserve protection, in order to protect them from abuse and violence.

You can learn more about FOUR PAWS here.

Other groups that support the use of fertility control to reduce roundups include:

Thank you to all these groups working to protect horses and find a better way to manage them on the range, where they belong.

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