Birth Control for Bambi: Can a New York town change how suburbs manage deer?

April 15, 2016 -- Compared to other population control techniques, like surgically removing deer’s ovaries — the method of choice in New York towns such as Cayuga Heights — PZP confers some crucial advantages. The vaccine is cheaper, less invasive, and, because it requires a booster shot to maintain its effectiveness, reversible. Want more deer after all? Just stop giving boosters. In a series of pilot projects in the 1990s and 2000s, Rutberg tested PZP at sites in South Carolina, New York, Maryland and Connecticut with promising results. On South Carolina’s Fripp Island, PZP cut deer density in half. “In situations when you don’t have much movement on or off site, we’ve shown that you can have a pretty dramatic effect,” Rutberg said.

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